Selling a 1967 Jaguar E Type


1967 Jaguar E Type
1967 Jaguar E Type

As the 1960s progressed, the United States brought about more stringent emissions and safety regulations that caused automakers across the board to make numerous changes. For Jaguar, this meant the release of the Series 1 ½ models. Although this was not an official designation, collectors and enthusiasts use Series 1 ½ to designate the E Types that were built from 1967 to 1968. While the 1967 Jaguar E Type was very similar to the 1966 model and other Series I cars, there are some changes that should be noted when selling your E Type. First, the 1967 E Type now had twin carburetors that were fitted with a hot intake tube that was directly connected to the exhaust manifold. While this change was known for reducing horsepower slightly, it allowed Jaguar to continue selling in America – a market that saw more than 90 percent of Jaguar’s production. Inside the 1966 E Type, a new collapsible steering column, toggle switches instead of rocker switches, and new cam covers with raised fins can differentiate a 1966 from a 1965.


1967 Jaguar E Type Seller’s Guide

Three body styles were available for the 1967 Jaguar E Type, including the Roadster, the Fixed Head Coupe, and the Fixed Head Coupe 2+2. The Roadster was the clear favorite among the three, and with limited production, only 5,598 of the 2+2 configuration E Types were manufactured throughout Series I. Whether you’re selling your Jaguar Fixed Head Coupe, Roadster or 2+2, you can rest assured knowing there is a large collectors market for the Jaguar E Type out there. The Alex Manos team, specialists in European and American classic cars, can assist you in selling your Jaguar E Type no matter what its condition or location. Their team is always in the market to purchase classics of all types that fit into their collection and is happy to offer top-dollar, in cash. They encourage you to contact them today and look forward to learning more about your 1967 E Type.



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