Selling a 1968 Jaguar E Type


1968 Jaguar E Type

The Jaguar E Type, one of the most iconic British sports cars ever produced, saw many changes over its thirteen-year production run, however, Jaguar never deviated too drastically from the classic lines and exceptional curvature that made the E Type famous. During the end of the 1960s, with tougher U.S. emissions and safety regulations causing changes in a number of car brands across the globe, the Jaguar E Type received various changes to keep up with the new standards. With the American market being one of Jaguar’s largest, these were necessary measures. The 1968 Jaguar E Type was part of an unofficial designation – the Series 1 ½ cars – that would represent some but not all of these changes. All changes would officially be launched during the 1969 model-year. The elimination of sloping glass over the headlights, changes to the intake manifold and carburetors, adaptation of rocker switches and a collapsible steering column, and new cam covers would be some of the changes. If you own a 1968 Jaguar E Type, you may or may not know about these features.


1968 Jaguar E Type Seller’s Guide

Because Jaguar gradually transformed the Series 1 cars into the Series 2 cars, finding parts for the Series 1 ½ cars can be difficult. If you’ve completed a restoration on your 1968 Jaguar E Type, you probably know this all too well. If you’re selling a rolling chassis or a car that is in need of major work or restoration, this is something to take into consideration. Buyers will factor this into their decision, particularly if restoring your 1968 Jaguar means purchasing a large amount of parts. One of the best Seller’s Tips the Alex Manos team can offer you in this situation is to make a list of any additional parts or components that you can sell with the car. Perhaps you purchased some parts for restoration but are no longer capable of finishing. List these parts with your car for added value. Additionally, rust can be a key player in a buyer’s decision to purchase. While some people will not be deterred by minimal rust, someone who is seeking a mint-condition or pristine original will not want to make compromises with rust.



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