Selling a 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible


1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible
1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible

The 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible was part of Jaguar’s Series II production that lasted from 1968 to 1971. The hallmarks of the 1970 model-year XKE models include open headlights that replaced the previously used Le Mans-style closed headlights, a wrap-around rear bumper, repositioned and larger front indicators, and taillights below the bumpers. Mechanically, Jaguar would add an enlarged front grille for better cooling, as well as twin electric fans. The 4.2L engine also had a few visual cues to help you point out a 1970 model, including a change from smooth, polished cam covers to those with a ribbed appearance painted black. Your 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible is one of approximately 3,477 Convertible models produced during this time. If you’re thinking about selling your XKE, you can rest assured knowing that the Jaguar XKE continues to be one of the most desired classics in the marketplace and that there are buyers out there looking for models of all conditions.


1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible Seller’s Guide

One of the changes that came about during the release of the 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible was a move to new, more comfortable seats. Jaguar purists often complain that these 1970-model seats lack the style and classic designs of the original ones, yet this is ultimately personal preference. Sometimes you’ll find that owners have replaced these seats with the early-model ones. If you know whether or not your seats are original, this is something that you should advertise to potential buyers. Also, when selling, serious buyers will want to perform a thorough inspection. If your 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible is an example in need of complete restoration, this may mean the buyer coming to view the car in person to check for rust and chassis alignment. If your XKE is a pristine, showroom quality example, this may mean allowing a third party inspection with a qualified Jaguar expert. Also, depending on your location, some of these tasks may be done via the Internet or over the phone.



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As with all classic cars, the sale of your 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible may be a difficult decision to make. It can be hard to take your emotions out of the transaction to come up with an asking price that is appropriate for the condition, rarity and demand for your XKE. When you’re ready to learn more or would like to see if your model fits into the Alex Manos collection, do not hesitate to contact their team today. They look forward to hearing from you and to making you a top dollar offer. Connect now to get started!


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