Selling a 1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe


1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe
1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe

During Jaguar’s 1971 model-year, the automaker would change its focus from offering three XKE variants to just two, the Fixed Head Coupe 2+2 and the Open Two Seater. The 1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe 2+2 used the same longer wheelbase as the Open Two Seater (OTS) and, therefore, the company could save on production costs by eliminating the original shorter wheelbase Fixed Head Coupe. This model-year also brought the release of the Series 3 XKE. Offering drivers a new 5.3L V12 engine, new brakes were added to compensate for the additional power and standard power steering was now offered. Visually, the 1971 Jaguar XKE would feature a much larger cross-slatted front grille and considerably flared wheel arches. In typical Jaguar style, a new V12 badge adorned the rear hood signifying the powerful engine that now propelled the car. Further, often forgotten changes, included new reclining seats, new door panels, a revised steering wheel, and a new center console made of plastic.


1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling a 1971 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe 2+2 model or an Open Two Seater, often called the Roaster, the team at Alex Manos is happy to provide you with some of the Seller’s Tips they have learned over the years. With more than 15,000 units manufactured between 1971 and 1975, approximately 7,297 examples are Fixed Head Coupe 2+2 models. While this is not the most rare classic Jaguar in the marketplace today, it is one that many buyers like to use as everyday or weekend drivers. Because of this, you’ll find a high percentage of buyers looking for models in fair to excellent condition. On the other hand, you’ll also find those buyers who are looking for a good candidate for restoration, as parts are generally easy to find and the XKE makes a fun car to restore. One of the best ways you can prepare for the sale is to have current pictures of the classic Jag available for potential buyers to view, being sure to carefully document any areas of concern such as rust, dents and dings, peeling paint and more.



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