Selling a 1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe


1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe
1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe

As competition increased in the American and European markets and more stringent emissions and safety standards were affecting automakers across the globe, Jaguar would turn heads by releasing the Series 3 Jaguar E Type and a new V12 engine. First debuted in 1971, the new engine, which was nearly three-inches longer and much wider thanks to two pairs of Zenith-Stromberg carburetors placed on the outer sides of the engine, would bring about changes to the body of the E Type. Most notably, the 1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe (and other Series 3 models) would feature flared wheel arches, wider tires and a larger, cross-slatted front grille to add air intake. Jaguar also moved to the extended wheelbase 2+2 chassis for both the Roadster and 2+2 Coupe models and would eliminate production of the shorter Fixed Head Coupe. Power steering, vented brakes, and air conditioning, as well as a much-anticipated automatic transmission were now available factory options. If you’re thinking about selling your 1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe, you’ve come to the right place to learn valuable information about the classic and Seller’s Tips that may help you in your sales process.


1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe Seller’s Guide

There are a few things you need to be prepared with prior to selling any classic, but particularly a 1972 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe of which buyers will have plenty of questions. Always be prepared with any documentation you have on the car such as ownership history, maintenance records and restoration history. If you’re selling a model that is roadworthy, you may even want to conduct a third-party inspection in advance so you can show potential buyers the most current status of your classic. On the other hand, if you’re selling a rolling chassis or unfinished restoration project, you may want to put together a list of any parts or components that you’ll be selling with the car. This will help backup your asking price and establish a value for your Jaguar. Potential buyers that are serious about your car will also want to conduct an inspection, and will likely ask for the Jaguar to be placed on a lift to inspect for rust and chassis condition. You should always be accommodating to this request, as not doing so implies that you have something to hide.



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