Selling a 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible


1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible
1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible

It is estimated that 3,128 models of the 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible were manufactured during this particular model-year. At the same time 1,607 models of the XKE 2+2 Coupe would be produced. First shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, the Jaguar XKE would grow up to be one of the most beautiful cars ever manufactured. In fact, even Enzo Ferrari would call the Jaguar XKE the “most beautiful car ever made.” Over the next thirteen years, Jaguar would continue to produce the XKE, offering three distinct series. The 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible is part of the last series, Series III. During this particular year of production, a midyear change would bring the four-outlet exhaust down to two, while front bumper overriders were fitted. Otherwise, the XKE Convertible for 1973 was nearly identical to the 1972 model. If you’re looking to sell your 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible, be sure to point out these minor changes to buyers to help authenticate your particular example.


1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible Seller’s Guide

When selling your 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible, one of the first things buyers will want to do is authenticate your model. Once you’ve pointed out the exhaust and bumper changes, the next thing to do is to show buyers the engine and chassis numbers. By doing this, they can compare these numbers to Jaguar records to ensure that the example they’re looking at is indeed an original. For those buyers contacting you via email or phone, having pictures of these numbers can be greatly helpful. Don’t know where to find the engine and chassis numbers? The Alex Manos team would be delighted to assist you in finding them and can help you authenticate them against Jaguar records. Furthermore, buyers will expect an accurate assessment of the overall condition of your classic. They may also want to have a third party pre-purchase inspection, which should not be a problem if you consider the buyer to be serious. These are just a few Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over their years of experience in the classic car market.



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