Selling A Jaguar XK150


Jaguar XK150
Jaguar XK150

If you are looking to sell Jaguar XK150 cars, you’ve come to the right place. It is here you can learn more about the vehicle, its value and the services offered to buyers and sellers at Jaguar’s response to rivals such as the BMW 507 and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, the Jaguar XK150 was the most thoroughly developed of the early XK line and was the final variation on the original XK 120 theme. The classic Jaguar XK150 was initially offered as a Coupe and Convertible. The Roadster returned after nine months of production. Interestingly, though not the longest-lived, the 150 proved to be the most profitable of the original XK series, with the Coupe being by far the most popular XK150, accounting for more than 52 percent of sales. The Roadster was the least popular at the time, making up just 13 percent of sales. Today, despite condition, these cars are some of the most sought-after among Jaguar enthusiasts.


Jaguar XK150 Seller’s Tips

Perhaps one of the most valuable details when looking to sell Jaguar XK150 cars or any Jaguar Convertibles, Jaguar Roadsters or classic Jaguar, is having as much documentation as possible. This includes history of the vehicle, ownership chain, documentation of original parts, any repairs that were made along the way, and any interesting or compelling facts about the vehicle. Buyers are looking for a complete story and the more documentation you have the better. Other important selling features are how original the car is, the overall condition of the body including any rust, and production quantities. As with anything, the more rare the vehicle the more it seems to be sought-after. Whether you are considering the sale of a XK120, XK140, or XK150, contact Alex Manos and his team of professionals to learn more about your options.



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