Selling Your Jaguar XKE


Jaguar XKE

The eye-catching Jaguar E-Type or XKE has long been a favorite of car enthusiasts seeking the right combination of good looks and high performance. If you’re looking to sell Jaguar XKE manufactured between the early 1960s and mid-1970s you’re no doubt aware of the car’s most favored attributes, but did you know the car was named on the Daily Telegraph’s list of the “100 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time” in 2008? Or that Sports Car International named it the Top Sport Car of the 1960s? The Museum of Modern Art in New York City even added a blue E-series to its collection in 1996.

Originally designed as a rear-wheel drive two-seater Coupe or Convertible the wheelbase was lengthened when the 2+2 was released a few years later. Three versions or series were introduced. The E-Type was intended as a lightweight follow up to the D-Type. All E-types feature independent coiled spring rear suspension, torsion bar front ends, and power assist four wheel disc brakes. The Jaguar E-Type or E-series is very rare and highly sought-after by collectors. This just may be the right time to sell Jaguar XKE.


What’s my Jaguar XKE Worth?

If you’re looking to sell Jaguar XKE the exact valuation will depend on overall condition and the specifics of your classic auto. The rarer the model and the better the condition, the higher the price tag. The Series 1 came off the line from 1961-1968. The XKE had either a 3.8 or 4.2 (4.2 in 1964 and latter will have a badge on the boot indicating 4.2) liter engine and a four-speed manual transmission. After 1966 you’ll find three speed automatics.

Series 1 can be recognized by glass headlights (prior to 1967), a small front opening, taillights above the bumpers, and exhaust tips under the number plate. Extras to look for include chrome spoke wheels, adjustable seat backs, twin cooling fans and/or detachable hard tops.



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