Selling a 1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A


1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A
1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A

While all Porsche 356 models are considered highly collectable, perhaps the most loved and sought-after versions are the 356 Pre-A models that were built from the beginning in 1949 to September 1955. Prior to the launch of the 356A models, the Pre-A Porsches offered a two-piece windshield, 16-inch wheels, a small polished-aluminum hood handle and a “shine down” license plate lamp in which the light assembly was mounted above, not below, the plate. When buyers ask you to prove your 1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A is an authentic Pre-A, these are just some of the little details you can point out. If potential buyers want even more proof, you can always match engine and chassis numbers against Porsche records. In total, more than 76,000 Porsche 356 models would come off the production line in Stuttgart. They would quickly rise to iconic status and continue to be some of the most loved and recognizable European classics on the road today. The Alex Manos team encourages you to continue reading to learn more valuable Seller’s Tips for the Porsche 356 Pre-A models.


1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A Seller’s Guide

As you probably already know from your experience with the Porsche Pre-A, many long for years to own one before they are ever in a position to purchase one. When it comes time to sell your 1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A, remember to be patient with buyers who may have a lot of questions or want an inspection, documentation or additional pictures. Try to think back to the time when you purchased your 356 and how excited and nervous you were. One of the best ways to calm buyer’s nerves is to provide them with the resources they need to make a sound decision. If you’re prepared with paperwork, documentation, photographs, ownership history and more, buyers are less likely to get cold feet. Furthermore, make sure you’re advertising using channels where qualified buyers will see your car. A California classic car dealership like Alex Manos, that has years of experience in the classic car market, can assist you with this step. They have the knowledge and resources needed to help you get your car out to the widest pool of potential buyers. In fact, as they get to know your car, they may even want to purchase it for their own collection. If so, they will always offer top dollar on the spot and in cash.



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1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A

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