Selling a 1953 Porsche 356


1953 Porsche 356
1953 Porsche 356

Once the world caught its first glimpse of the Porsche 356, there was no turning back. First released to the public in 1948, approximately 50 aluminum-bodied models were produced in the next two years, when Porsche facilities would move to Germany and begin full production. Over the next 15 years more than 77,000 Porsche 356 models would be manufactured. Initially available as a coupe, cabriolet and later as a roadster, the 356 would see a number of variations before it was retired. The 1953 Porsche 356 is an important model-year, as it was the first time the Speedster was offered with the following engine options: 1100, 1300, 1500, and 1500S. The sole importer of Porsche to the United States at the time, Max Hoffman, was instrumental in getting this car produced. He requested a stripped down, basic model for his American clientele. The Speedster, with its racing-style bucket seats, removable side curtains, and low windscreen did just the trick. Today, the Speedster remains one of the most sought-after of the 356 models.


1953 Porsche 356 Seller’s Guide

The decision to sell a classic can be a tough one, one that takes a lot of thought and planning. If you’re considering the sale of your 1953 Porsche 356, you’ve come to the right place to learn valuable Seller’s Tips and advice on your specific model. Potential buyers for your 1953 356 will first want to verify authenticity, as there are a number of companies that make kit or replica versions of the 356. To do this, you can show them chassis and engine numbers, or can get a certificate of authenticity from Porsche itself. Next, they will likely want to talk about overall condition and rust. This is where pictures can be great, especially if you are dealing with an out-of-town buyer. Buyers may also want to have the car inspected by a third-party, so be ready and willing to accommodate this if they are serious buyers. As a seller, you will also need to be able to answer specific questions about your model and year, and should be prepared to show any documentation regarding repairs or restoration. Because these things take time and effort that many sellers do not have, many turn to Alex Manos to evaluate their classic. Alex and his team are always on the lookout for new classics to buy for their collection and are happy to offer top dollar, in cash. They even arrange and can pick up from any location in the United States!



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