Selling a 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe


1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe
1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe

The Porsche 356, which would be the precursor for the illustrious Porsche 911, would be launched to the public in 1949 with just a few hand-built models designed and manufactured our of aluminum using mostly Volkswagen parts. Fast forward a few years to 1954, and the Porsche 356 Pre-A has become one of the most iconic and classic sports cars of its era. Little did Ferry Porsche know that his creation would go on to be one of the most sought-after and admired classic cars in the world. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and with all the kit cars and replicas of the 356 floating around the market today, it would be safe to say that the 356 was a hit. If you’re the owner of a 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe, it’s likely that you’ve felt the excitement and enjoyment that comes from owning one of these rare and inspiring classics. We don’t need to tell you how wonderful it is; you know.


1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe Seller’s Guide

It is that same excitement and enjoyment that makes it difficult to make the decision to sell your 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe, which is also the same feelings potential buyers crave when trying to find a 356 for their garage. No matter what your reason for selling – maybe you need extra cash or room for your next project, your child is going off to college, or you simply don’t have the space to keep it anymore – the Alex Manos team is here to help you sell your classic for top dollar. Having given hundreds of Seller’s Tips to clients who needed to sell their classic, the Alex Manos team understands what it takes to advertise, market and sell classic cars in today’s marketplace. It’s a full-time job. On the other hand, you can call Alex and his team of professionals today to discuss your 1954 Pre-A and to see if your model will fit into their collection. Should it be a fit, their team will be happy to offer you top dollar in cash – on the spot. Furthermore, they can pick up from any location in the United State, including Alaska, and will make your experience as stress free as possible.



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Learn more about selling classic cars with Alex Manos and his team of California classic car dealership professionals today by contacting their team at your leisure. In the meantime, they encourage you to browse this website to learn more about the 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe and its value in today’s classic car market. Should you have any questions, they are just a phone call or website inquiry away. Connect now to get started!


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