Selling a 1956 Porsche 356


1956 Porsche 356
1956 Porsche 356

In late 1955, Porsche released the first 356A model, which was the first major change in the line since its debut in 1948. While it looked visually similar to its predecessor, the 1956 Porsche 356 was subtly altered to include slim rocker rub rails and a one-piece curved windshield that removed the vertical crease. Available as a Coupe, a Roadster, or a Speedster, buyers were excited about the new release. Perhaps one of the key changes that took place was the change to 15-inch diameter wheels and a new “super-wide” 4.5-inch breadth. Of course, tires also increased to accommodate the larger wheels. If you own a 1956 356, you can probably name some of the interior changes that happened during this model-year’s release. They include a new flat-faced panel dash with padded top and radio mounting slot, however the Speedster – to remain the affordable, slimmed-down version – did not get this change. Porsche also increased its engine options to offer a new 1600 Normal and 1600 Super, as well as a 1500GS. The previous 1300 Normal and 1300 Super were still available as well.


1956 Porsche 356 Seller’s Guide

Sellers typically fall into two categories: the ones who truly cherish their classic and never thought they would part with it, and the ones who buy, restore and sell classics for a living. No matter what your reason for selling, the team at knows that these cars mean a lot to their owners. They also know that deciding to sell – not matter what the reason – can be difficult. Their team understands these pressures and works tirelessly to ensure their clients are satisfied with the process and the outcome. If you’re ready to sell your 1956 Porsche 356 or would simply like to begin discussions, their team encourages you to pick up the phone. As a California classic car dealership that has assisted countless sellers find new homes for their classics, it would be their pleasure to discuss your 1956 356 with you. Should you car fit into their collection, they are happy to offer top dollar, in cash and on the spot. Furthermore, they can pick up your classic from anywhere in the United States – including Alaska!



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From barn-finds that have been left untouched for decades to mint-condition classics, let their team help you find a new home for your auto. For more 1956 Porsche 356 information or to learn more about their sales process, connect today! An Alex Manos representative is standing by to assist you.


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