Selling a 1961 Porsche 356


1961 Porsche 356
1961 Porsche 356

If you’re looking to sell your 1961 Porsche 356, you’ve come to the right place. Falling into the 356B designation, the 1961 356 offered some significant changes when compared to its 356A predecessors. While the iconic 356 styling was still recognizable, bumpers were now much bigger and nearly 4-inches higher, and offered jumbo bumper guards. The curvature of the classic 356 body was also changed slightly, mainly due to the new raised positioning of the headlights. Now, the 356 body gently sloped from side to side, instead of the much “waiver” curvature that enthusiasts praised in previous years. A new, larger opening was added with grills and optional fog lights on the front, while interior styling changes were minimal. These are great facts to point out to any potential buyer, as they show value. Additionally, while most buyers will be educated on the 356B, some may not understand the differences between the two models.


1961 Porsche 356 Seller’s Guide

There are a number of great Seller’s Tips that the team at can provide you with to ensure the sale of your 1961 Porsche 356 goes as smooth and successful as possible. Among them, having the car ready to sell is the main tip. This may sound silly, but ensuring the car is accessible and not buried under a heap of junk in the garage is necessary for the buyer to get a fair idea of the condition of the car. Secondly, having recent photographs can help facilitate a sale with an out-of-town buyer. If you’re selling an incomplete restoration project, having parts that come with the sale set aside or documented can also speed up the process and can back up your asking price. Lastly, knowing your 1961 356 and being able to answer any questions that come up during an inspection can be crucial. If these tasks seem too overwhelming and time consuming, contact the team at directly. Specializing in the purchase and sale of some of the most sought-after European and American classics of all makes, models and conditions, Alex and his team are always on the lookout for new classics to add to their collection and are happy to offer top dollar for them on the spot.



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