Selling a 1969 Porsche 912


1969 Porsche 912
1969 Porsche 912

Considered Porsche’s entry-level model from 1965 to 1969, the Porsche 912 offered buyers an alternative to the more expensive and powerful Porsche 911. Interestingly, due to its affordability and very similar styling, the 912 actually outsold the 911 in the beginning. Using the 1600SC engine that was previously used on the world-renowned 356 models, the 1969 Porsche 912 also received new lighting, new carburetors and a smog pump to meet new U.S. safety and emissions standards. If you’re thinking about selling a 1969 Porsche 912, you’ll be pleased to learn that buyers often lean towards the later model 912s because these have all the refinements and changes that happened throughout its production run. Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that the 912 is also considered one of the best first-time collector cars due to the wide availability of parts (the 912 used many of the 911 parts) and because of its relatively inexpensive price tag compared to other European sports cars of the era.


1969 Porsche 912 Seller’s Guide

So, you’ve decided to sell your 1969 Porsche 912. Where do you start? Alex Manos and his team of professionals, a renowned California classic car dealership based in Los Angeles, suggest the following Seller’s Tips. First, some sellers like to have a third-party inspection performed prior to listing the car for sale. Not only does this help you know the current working order of your classic, it allows you to price your Porsche more accurately. You can also be more up front with buyers by having this information prior to the sale. Second, it is always best to have the car cleaned and to have detailed and current pictures. It is likely you will be communicating with potential purchasers from across the country. They will need this information to make their decision. Lastly, be prepared to allow for third-party inspections, test-drives and more. Also be ready to answer questions about maintenance, repairs and owner history. Does all this sound like too much for you? Alex Manos and his team encourage you to call them today. They are always looking for classics of all makes, models and conditions to add to their collection, and would be happy to make your selling experience as stress free as possible by giving your car a new home.



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