Selling A 1978 Porsche 930


1978 Porsche 930
1978 Porsche 930

First launched in beta form at the 1973 Frankfurt Auto Show and in production form at the 1975 Paris Auto Show, the Porsche 930 saw excellent interest from the automotive world during its first years of production. However, during the 1978 model-year, several distinct changes and upgrades would happen. The 1978 Porsche 930 (also known as the Porsche 911 Turbo) would see increase engine displacement to 3.3L and the addition of an intercooler to the turbo. At this time, the drivetrain was also upgraded, a new brake system was implemented and the tires would become even wider. These changes would catapult the Porsche 930 to more than 300hp. The now-iconic “whale tail” spoiler was also redesigned to accommodate the addition of the intercooler. Inside the 1978 Porsche 930, owners would also find a new boost gauge that would help drivers with the “turbo-kick” the car had become known for in previous years. This version of the Porsche 930 would see production all the way to 1989, with very few subtle modifications made along the way. While some buyers prefer the original Porsche 930 with the 3.0L engine, many consider this version to be the safer, more fun to drive example of early Porsche 930 technology. If you’re the owner of a 1978 Porsche 930, this is likely something that you understand and can explain to potential buyers.


1978 Porsche 930 Seller’s Guide

Thanks to the redesign of the iconic “whale tail” spoiler to accommodate the new intercooler, the new spoiler would earn the nickname “tea tray, ” as it was a bit flatter in shape. When buyers are searching for a 1978 Porsche 930, this is one of the items they look for to ensure they are indeed looking at an original. Likewise, they look for the boost gauge on the dash, the intercooler atop the engine and the larger brake discs and calipers. To help buyers feel confident that your particular 1978 Porsche 930 is an original, be sure to provide engine and chassis numbers and show how they compare to Porsche records. Similarly, you can obtain a Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche directly if you feel it is necessary in proving the originality and authenticity of your example. Once authenticity is proven, buyers will then move into learning more about the little details that make your example special. If you have the original sales pamphlet, for example, or you’ve retained the original tool bag. These little details can help your 1978 Porsche 930 stand out from the crowd.



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