Selling A 1979 Porsche 930


1979 Porsche 930
1979 Porsche 930

In today’s classic car market, many Porsche enthusiasts and collectors will tell you that the Porsche 930 (or Porsche 911 Turbo) represents the finest in German engineering and design. The 1979 Porsche 930, easily recognized by its wide wheel arches and “tea tray” rear spoiler, is an excellent example, as it encompassed all of the changes that happed in 1978 after a successful first run in 1975. Boasting a 3.3L turbocharged engine, the 1979 Porsche 930 is everything you’d expect from a “second-generation” example – a faster, better stopping car with notable improvements. In fact, these changes would result in a 0.2 second drop in 0-60 times and 0.4 seconds off quarter mile times. The top speed also increased 9mph to 162mph, while improved brakes would mean shorter stopping distances and increase driver confidence. As a classic Porsche 930 owner, you understand the appeal of these exceptional sports cars. Known for its distinctive body shape, wide wheel arches, large rear spoiler and exceptional performance, it is easy to understand why buyers are interested in these Porsche classics. The 1979 Porsche 930 is also of particular interest, as it was the last Turbo brought into the U.S. market in real numbers until 1986.


1979 Porsche 930 Seller’s Guide

Whether you’ve recently finished a 1979 Porsche 930 restoration, need to make more space in your garage or are gathering funds to send your child off to college, the Alex Manos team of classic car professionals would be delighted to learn more about your Porsche 911 Turbo. They are always looking to add new classics to their inventory and have a reputation in the industry for making fair and honest car deals with sellers across the country. They encourage you to contact them today to discuss your particular Porsche 930 model. In the meantime, the welcome you to browse this website to learn valuable Seller’s Tips, model information and Seller’s Guides. Should you have any questions, their team is just a phone call away.



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Perhaps the biggest 1979 Porsche 930 Seller’s Tip that the Alex Manos team can offer you is to ensure you have done your research regarding recent sales both privately and through auction. This is the best way to establish what the current interest is in your classic and whether now is the right time to sell. Similarly, they encourage you to take every step to show buyers that your car is indeed authentic and original. This can mean everything from and inspection to obtaining a Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche, as this can increase the value of your classic. To learn more, connect with the Alex Manos team today. They look forward to hearing from you soon, and to learning more about your 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo.


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