Selling A 1984 Porsche 930


1984 Porsche 930
1984 Porsche 930

First launched in 1975 at the Paris Motor Show, the Porsche 930 (most commonly known as the Porsche 911 Turbo) is one of the most iconic and recognizable classics in the market today. Although it would be considerably more expensive than the top-of-the-line Porsche 911S Targa, buyers were impressed by the car’s performance, exceptional design and racing history. Executives at Porsche’s Stuttgart offices were concerned about the company’s ability to market and sell such an expensive street car, yet they would push forward with much surprise. The Porsche 930 was an instant success, with more than 23,300 first-generation Turbos being built between 1975 and 1989. Your 1984 Porsche 930 is an excellent example of the Porsche 911 brand during the mid-1980’s. While there were little changes for this model-year when compared to the previous, the 1984 Porsche 930 would offer the changes made in the previous year, which included two extra heater blowers, a revised exhaust system, and an updated CIS fuel injection warm-up system. This particular model-year is also popular with collectors, as it marks a time when Porsche was producing the fastest of the Turbo 911 models.


1984 Porsche 930 Seller’s Guide

In fact, the 1984 Porsche 930 had an exceptional 0-60 time of just 4.6 seconds and a top speed of nearly 173mph. For this reason, original examples of the 1984 Porsche Turbo 911 are highly sought after and can command excellent values in today’s market. Of course, because most of these 1984 Porsche 930 models found in the United States are considered “gray-cars” (meaning they were imported privately and converted to meet emissions requirements), educated buyers will be insistent on a quality inspection to ensure that the conversions were made with quality and longevity in mind. Similarly, buyers will want confirmation that your Porsche 930 classic is indeed an original. To achieve this, simply match engine and chassis numbers with Porsche history records or obtain a Certificate of Authenticity directly from Porsche. These are just a few of the Seller’s Tips that will make your sale as smooth and successful as possible.



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