Selling A 1988 Porsche 930


1988 Porsche 930
1988 Porsche 930

The Porsche 930 (also known as the 911 Turbo) would be reintroduced to the American and Japanese markets in 1986 after several years of noncompliance with strict emissions standards. Launched with much anticipation, the Porsche 930 would essentially pick up right where it left off. Buyers across the country were instantly attracted to the now-iconic body curvature, the unparalleled performance and the pleasurable driving experience. The 1988 Porsche 930, fitted with a 278hp emission-controlled engine, would also be available as a Targa or Cabriolet for the first time upon the 911’s return to the United States. While no major changes would take place between the 1987 and 1988 model-years, the 1988 Porsche 930 does hold the distinction of being among the last of the Type 930 Porsche 911 examples, as 1989 would be the last year of production. It also is the last model-year to offer the four-speed transmission, as the 1989 would see a new five-speed. For many classic car collectors and Porsche enthusiasts, the Porsche 930 represents everything that early Turbos stood for – the model that began Porsche’s turbocharged legacy. If you’re thinking about selling a 1988 Porsche 930, the Alex Manos team understands this can be a difficult decision. Throughout this website, you’ll find valuable Seller’s Tips to make the transition a bit easier.


1988 Porsche 930 Seller’s Guide

Because the production of the Porsche 930 stretched from 1975 to 1989, there are quite a few Porsche 930 models available on the classic car market today. When selling, it is important to make your 1988 Porsche 930 stand out from the crowd. Be sure to list any special features that make your classic different, as well as any interesting facts about its history. You’ll also want to provide prospective buyers with any and all documentation you have regarding history, maintenance and repair, or restoration. Similarly, be prepared to match your engine and chassis number against Porsche records to prove authenticity. From Porsche 930 models in need of complete restoration to mint-condition examples ready for the next car show, you’re sure to find a buyer looking for a model just like yours. In fact, the Alex Manos team of classic car professionals is always looking to add to classics to their Los Angeles classic car dealership’s inventory. If you think your 1988 Porsche 930 is something they’d be interested in learning more about, do not hesitate to contact them today. Designed with you in mind, you’ll find a wealth of resources regarding the cars they’re interested in and their sales process.



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