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Porsche 914
Porsche 914

A mid-engined, two-seat roadster with a targa top, the Porsche 914 was introduced in 1969 and sold until 1976. Porsche and Volkswagen collaboratively manufactured the model. The first versions boasted an 80-hp, fuel-injected, 1.7-liter flat-4 engine based on the air-cooled units produced by Volkswagen. Porsche introduced a 914/6 version with a carbureted 108 hp, 2-liter, flat-6 engine taken from the 1969 Porsche 901, also referred to as a 911. Volkswagen of America handled exports to the USA and both 914 and 914/6 were badged as Porsches, except in California where they were sold in Volkswagen dealerships. Although the design was considered a little odd at the time, it has grown to become an iconic model. Moreover, the Porsche 914 also had many practical advantages, with a good outward vision and two large trunks.


Porsche 914 Seller’s Guide

The Porsche 914 was controversial, because it was fitted with a Volkswagen four-cylinder engine instead of a powerful Porsche unit. However, many enthusiasts value this classic nowadays and finding a buyer should not be too hard. One piece of advice the Alex Manos team will give you is to have all the important documentation regarding the authenticity and history of the car ready when you put your Porsche 914 for sale. Let prospects know the car’s history of owners and maintenance. A classic car with interesting stories will often attract more interest than a car with no information. The Alex Manos team can help evaluate your classic on the spot to give you an accurate idea of its value on today’s market.



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Call the Alex Manos team when you decide to sell your Porsche 914. If your car is of interested to them, the experts will evaluate its value and make you a fair and honest offer, payable in cash. They will even offer to take care of transportation and organize paperwork to make the transaction as easy as possible for you. Connect today to learn more about their offer and services!


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