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Porsche 356 C

The last of the 356 series produced by German automaker Porsche, the Porsche 356 C would be produced from 1964 to 1965 before being retired to make way for the sporty Porsche 911. Similar to the 356B, the classic Porsche 356 C was a T-6 body type and looked nearly identically. In fact, one of the only outward signs you are looking at a 356C and not a 356B is the shape of the hubcaps. Arguably one of the last and best of the early pushrod Porsches, the 356 C is often a top collectors item for Porsche enthusiasts. If you’re searching the Internet for information on how to sell classic Porsche models such as the 356C, you’ve come to the right place. Alex Manos and his team of experts are very privileged to work in the trade of buying and selling some of the worlds most beautiful and unique vintage autos.


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The team at Alex Manos understands this unique marketplace better than anyone, as well as the importance and value these autos have had for their owners, and stand behind the exemplary reputation which has been built over years of doing fair and professional car deals. Whether you have a pristine example of a Porsche 356 C, want to learn more about the value of your vintage Mercedes or Austin Martin, or have an old Rolls-Royce sitting in the garage that you haven’t moved in years – connect with Alex Manos and his team of sales professionals to get started with the sale of your car. With top dollar paid, all conditions considered, a finder’s fee gladly paid, and pick-up from any location across the United States, there is simply no better choice in the classic car market.



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