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Porsche 911E

Replacing the short-lived Porsche 911L or “Luxury,” the Porsche 911E came on the scene in 1969 and stuck around until 1973. Designed to be the most comfortable of the classic Porsche 911 series, the 911E found its place between the 911T and the high-performance type 911S or “Super.” Produced with a mechanical fuel injection system, which was jointly developed by Bosch and Porsche, the 911E got its name from the German word for injection: einspritzung. This mechanical advancement not only gave more precise control of the fuel to air mixture and equality of distribution among the cylinders, the MFI contributed to meeting the emissions control regulations of the time; particularly in the United States. Because it was designed to replace other luxury models, the 911E came standard with the “comfort” package, which included ventilated brake discs with aluminum calibers, velour carpeting, a leather-covered steering wheel, heavy bumper rub strips and rubber guard inserts, chrome rocker-panel trim, and gold colored script on the rear deck.


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If you are looking to sell classic Porsche 911E models, you’ve come to the right place. Alex Manos and his team of classic European and American car experts are always looking to purchase cars that will fit into their diverse collection of unique and classic automobiles. If you think you have a car that they’d like to hear about, be sure to connect with their team. From Porsche 911E barn finds to pristine Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and Austin Martin examples, from unfinished restoration projects to classic autos untouched in a garage for years, they want to hear from you! Alex Manos offers top dollar for your vehicles and will happily arrange for pick up anywhere in the United States. The testimonials on this website speak for themselves; this will be one of the easiest transactions you’ve ever made.



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