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Porsche 912

Similar in design to the infamous Porsche 911, the Porsche 912 was offered to the public in 1965 and stayed in production until 1969 when the mid-engine 914 models were introduced. Offering fewer amenities, less power, and a lighter weight, the Porsche 912 easily outsold the more powerful 911’s during the first few years due to its low cost. In fact, the readers of Car and Driver awarded the 912 with the distinguished “Readers Choice” award in 1967. During its production nearly 35,000 units rolled off the production floor, including a late 1975 version dubbed he 912E that offered a fuel-injected engine. During its day, the car achieved victory in the racing world, served as European police cars, and was even featured in the movie “Spy Games” staring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.


Porsche 912 Seller’s Tips

Due to its wide popularity, the Porsche 912 is consistently praised as a great “starter car” for Porsche enthusiasts or those who are looking to use their Porsche as a weekend or full-time driver. When it comes time to sell your classic Porsche 912, don’t waste your time with online ads, newspaper postings and forum notices that require your constant response and ability to discern “lookers” from actual buyers. Connect with Alex Manos and his team of classic automobile experts to sell classic Porsche models of all conditions and location in the United States. Their team will assess the value of your vehicle and will offer you top dollar on the spot. Arrangements will be made to pick up your vehicle no matter where its location, and you can rest assured knowing Alex and his team will work tirelessly to ensure your treasured classic finds a wonderful new home.



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