Buying or Selling a 1976 De Tomaso Pantera?


1976 De Tomaso Pantera
1976 De Tomaso Pantera

Introduced at the 1970 New York Auto Show, the De Tomaso Pantera was the brand’s most successful model thanks to beautiful bodywork, satisfying performance and a very affordable price compared to other Italian sports cars. The 1976 De Tomaso Pantera was powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine with an output of 266 hp and could reach a top speed of 174 mph according to the factory. Also, the 0-to-60 mph acceleration was recorded at 5.5 seconds. The De Tomaso Pantera was penned by Ghia and featured a low wedge-shaped body with sharp lines and an overall aggressive look. The inside featured upgraded equipment and options such as air conditioning and was roomier than the previous model—the De Tomaso Mangusta. The American model was adapted to comply with American emissions and safety regulations, which resulted in lower horsepower and the addition of unaesthetic black bumpers. However, many examples have been restored to original looks and performances.


1976 De Tomaso Pantera Seller’s Guide

Very popular sports in the 1970s, the De Tomaso Pantera is now highly sought after by many collectors. A total of more than 6,000 examples were built throughout the production run and some improvements were made along the way. If you’re the current owner of a particular example for sale, be sure to present the potential buyers with a complete list of specifications, features, and options. Buyers will come informed and sometimes accompanied by a classic car specialist so it’s recommended to be honest in your ad, and to display any issues necessitating service. Alex Manos and his team would be happy to help you sell your 1976 De Tomaso Pantera at a good price and in a hassle-free environment. Their Los Angeles-based dealership has a large inventory of classic cars for sale and the collection is growing all the time. The team will make you a top dollar offer on the spot should your example fit their collection.



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