Buying or Selling a 1980 De Tomaso Pantera?


1980 De Tomaso Pantera
1980 De Tomaso Pantera

The Pantera was available in two versions in 1980: the L, which stands for Lusso, meaning luxurious in Italian, and the GTS Euro. The Pantera L model was a more comfortable option than the sporty GTS. Ford imported and distributed the first 5,500 examples of De Tomaso Pantera sold in the US. De Tomaso took its independence back in 1974 and third party companies were handling the Pantera imports onto the American market. Post-1974 examples can be identified by design cues such as new cooling vents on the hood, smaller side blinker lights, and a new De Tomaso logo. Later models also lost the rounded shape of the panels used for the engine compartment. The very enjoyable V8 engine powered both Lusso and GTS models and the Pantera provided satisfying acceleration and great handling.


1980 De Tomaso Pantera Seller’s Guide

Thinking about selling your 1980 De Tomaso Pantera? Whether your example is barn find or a restored Pantera with new wheels, seats or an engine boosting kit, Alex Manos and his team are interested! The team has a large inventory of classic cars of all makes, models, and conditions for sale and they’re always looking for new examples to add to the growing collection. Come meet the experts at the Los Angeles showroom or call the team to get an estimate of the value of your 1980 De Tomaso Pantera. The friendly staff is known for their fair deals and top quality service. They’ll go the extra mile to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. One recommendation when selling a classic car is to make sure you present the example to potential buyers in a nice environment with good test driving roads that will highlight the model’s qualities.



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