Buying or Selling a 1992 De Tomaso Pantera?


1992 De Tomaso Pantera
1992 De Tomaso Pantera

Offered from 1991 to 1993, the De Tomaso Pantera SI was the last iteration of Panteras from the De Tomaso era. Also known as the Pantera 200, this model was the most radical evolution of Panteras. Restyled by Marcello Gandini, the body looked more modern while featuring Tjaarda’s lines. The 1992 De Tomaso Pantera was powered by a 5-liter V8 302, which was the same unit used on contemporary Mustangs with different camshafts, springs and valves. The engine could deliver 305 hp at 5,800 rpm compared to the 247 hp of the original model. A fuel injection system was introduced on the Ford engine to replace the carburetors. The De Tomaso Pantera SI was fitted with a new suspension system, a reworked chassis, a new catalyst exhaust system, and the same Brembo brakes than the Ferrari F40. The cabin was also greatly reworked and featured more comfortable seats, added air vents, and a tactile air conditioning command.


1992 De Tomaso Pantera Seller’s Guide

Should you be selling an example of 1992 De Tomaso Pantera, the Alex Manos team would be interested to hear more and maybe make an offer. The experts are always looking for new examples to add to their growing inventory and they’re known for their great offers and additional services. If you have any questions about the different models specifications or the current market value, the friendly staff would be happy to answer them. The team also regularly shares tips and advice on how to make a good transaction. Here are a few: take professional and detailed shots of your 1992 De Tomaso Pantera to make a good first impression; present an organized folder with all the documentation available on the classic to potential buyers, to show them you valued your Pantera; and finally, show them the car in a nice environment with good roads for test drives.



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