Buying or Selling a 1955 Ferrari 250 GT?


1955 Ferrari 250 GT
1955 Ferrari 250 GT

The Ferrari 250 series was a great success for the Italian manufacturer during its era, and still marks some of the finest Ferrari classics ever built. The Ferrari 250 GT was produced in several variants and the successors of this great model were the Ferrari 275 and the Ferrari 330. In 1955, the model produced was the Ferrari 205 GT Europe. Pininfarina was responsible for the design of the Ferrari 250 GT series, which features gorgeous lines all around. Powered by a 3 liter V12 Colombo engine with triple Weber carburetors, linked to a four-speed manual synchromesh gearbox, the 1955 Ferrari 250 GT was remarkably smooth, reliable and powerful. This engine provided 220 hp with a maximum speed over 140 mph and a 0 to 60 mph in a little more than 7.5 seconds. If you are thinking about selling your 1955 Ferrari 250 GT, then Alex Manos and his team are the right people for you. This team of classic car lovers will be very interested to hear all about your Ferrari, and they will provide you all necessary assistance to make an easy sale for a good price.


1955 Ferrari 250 GT Seller’s Guide

As a classic car nowadays, 1955 Ferrari 250 GTs are highly prized and many buyers are looking to acquire an example for their collection. If you’re selling yours, the Alex Manos team is interested! The Alex Manos staff has been active in the classic car market for many years, always looking to add new examples of classics to their collection. Thanks to their experience, the professionals possess an extensive knowledge of different models, and are also aware of the current value and availability of the various examples being sold. Not only will the team make you a top dollar offer for your classic, should it be of interest to them, but they’ll also provide you with useful tips on how to best sell your 1955 Ferrari 250 GT. For one, don’t hesitate to give as many details as possible on the experience you had owning your classic Ferrari. A big part of the buyer’s decision will be based on the emotional connection with the model and an example that was owned by someone who cared will raise more interest.



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The Alex Manos team would love to hear more about your 1955 Ferrari 250 GT. Don’t hesitate to call them for more tips on how to sell your classic. They will share useful information and contacts in addition to making you an offer on the spot. The team is looking forward to your call!


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