Buying or Selling a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT?


1962 Ferrari 250 GT
1962 Ferrari 250 GT

As Ferrari continued to build upon and improve certain features of the 250 GT model designs, new and updated features were continuously being added each year. The 1962 model year marked the final year of the Pininfarina Coupe as well as the Pininfarina Cabriolet Series II. The Series II models were designed to be more luxurious and accommodating and were made with a larger boot. The updated design of the 250 GT Series II Ferrari models resulted in more practical grand-touring vehicles that were also the most expensive Ferrari 250 GT models to date. The 1962 model year was also the third year of the SWB, the California Spider, and SWB Competizione. Finally, 1962 was the year Ferrari launched the 250 GT Lusso. Lusso means “Luxury” and the new model was in fact ergonomically designed to be one of the most luxurious vehicles in the Ferrari range. Depending on which model you own, a detailed list of features will be useful when looking to sell the example.


1962 Ferrari 250 GT Seller’s Guide

One of the most successful of Ferrari’s sports cars, the 250 GT was received warmly by both the enthusiasts and the motoring press when it first hit the road and for each new variant release throughout the years. Today, the Ferrari 250 GT is considered a cult classic and one of the most popular lines of Ferraris to date. If you’re thinking about selling your 1962 Ferrari 250 GT, be sure to connect with Alex Manos and his team. They are always looking to add new models to their inventory and would be delighted to learn more about your Ferrari. What’s more, they have experience in buying and selling classic cars for years and can provide you with much advice on how to make the best transaction.



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