Selling A 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS


1964 Ferrari 275 GTS
1964 Ferrari 275 GTS

After the disruption of the Series II Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet in 1962, Ferrari waited two years to launch a new Convertible model. The Ferrari 275 GTS –“S” for Spyder- was revealed in 1964, alongside the Ferrari GTB Coupe model. Featuring a new styling approach with distinctive and elegant bodywork, the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS is noticeably different from the Coupe. The 60-degree V12 engine generates 260hp at 7,000 rpm and has a capacity of 3.3 Liters. Although 20 horsepower below the Ferrari GTB, the Spyder was a very enjoyable driver’s car thanks to better low-end torque. The Ferrari 275 was also mechanically advanced for its era, featuring all-round independent suspension for the first time on a road Ferrari, instead of the rear live axle mounted on its Ferrari 250 GT predecessor. Another improvement was the introduction of a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle. The engine of the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS had two cams and three carburetors, a four-cam tune being introduced on the Ferrari 275 models later in production.


1964 Ferrari 275 GTS Seller’s Guide

Whether you’re the owner of a Concourse-condition 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS or a barn-find example in need of a restoration job, Alex Manos and his team would be delighted to meet you and learn more about your classic. The Ferrari 275 GTS is a rare classic with only 200 examples made during the short 2-year production run, although this number wasn’t low in Ferrari standards. The Ferrari 275 GTS was very popular at the time and its design is iconic, especially since the next Convertible Ferrari models – the 330 GTC, the 330 GTS and the 330 GT 2+2 models – had a very different body style. When you’re ready to sell your example, don’t forget to gather all the history documents, including ownership history, maintenance and service records, and any information on restoration. Matching numbers are also an important to buyers, as it will change the value of the classic significantly. If you aren’t an expert in Ferrari classics, don’t hesitate to contact the Alex Manos team and ask for help. They are always available for consultation.



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