Selling A 1966 Ferrari 275


1966 Ferrari 275
1966 Ferrari 275

The Ferrari 275 GTB/4 (or 4-cam) was introduced in October 1966 at the Paris Motor Show, featuring significant updates compared to the 1964 launch model. Bodywork was revised and wire wheels were abandoned for the first time in Ferrari models. The 1966 Ferrari 275, and other model-years, was also available in a Convertible trim, called GTS, with different bodywork. The grand touring car is equipped with a 3.3-Liter Colombo 60° V12 engine, producing 260hp for the Convertible and 280hp for the base Coupe. A 300hp with upgraded engine specs could also be ordered for both the GTB and GTS. Interestingly, the Ferrari 275 models were the first Ferrari models to combine the transmission and a rear axle with a transaxle component. The transaxle was revised, connecting the engine and transmission with a torque tube rather than having them float free in the body as with the first design, which reduced the handling noise and vibration on the 1966 Ferrari 275. If you’re interested in selling a 1966 Ferrari 275, have a look at the Alex Manos website and give the team a call for more information. They are always looking to purchase classic Ferrari 275 models of all conditions.


1966 Ferrari 275 Seller’s Guide

While most 1966 Ferrari 275 models are very well cared for and owners have spent time and resources to keep them in perfect shape, the Alex Manos team is interested in classics of all conditions – from barn finds and unfinished restoration projects to pristine examples. If you’re thinking about selling your model, the Alex Manos team understands that it can be difficult and will provide you with the best service to make sure your experience goes smoothly. Thanks to its heart-wrenching V12 noise, precise five-speed shifter and elegant bodywork, the 1966 Ferrari 275 combines perfect driving experience and elegance. Many different versions of this model were made throughout the production and every one of them is of interest to the Alex Manos team. When you’re ready to learn more, contact their team today!



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Give the team a call now to talk about your special example of 1966 Ferrari 275. Their Los Angeles classic car dealership will make you an offer you can’t refuse, based on current market trends and available inventory. In the meantime, be sure to browse their website to learn more about the classics they’re most interested in. Connect today!


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