Selling A 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC


1966 Ferrari 330 GTC
1966 Ferrari 330 GTC

The new Ferrari 330 GTC model was introduced by the automaker at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The number “330” refers to the displacement of each single cylinder, just like the previously developed Ferrari series. As it was designed to sell alongside the less sporty Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 model, the Ferrari 330 GTC needed to be a true performance car while still filling in the Grand Touring category. Thanks to a shorter wheelbase and a finely tuned engine, the 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC is one of the most desirable classic Ferrari models in terms of driving experience. Pininfarina designed the 2-door Coupe body with an oval grille to fit the elegant longer nose and characteristic rounded headlamps. The 4-Liter overhead camshaft 12-cylinder was mounted on the front, with 2 valves per cylinder. With a precise 5-speed manual gearbox and a 300hp output at 6,600 rpm, the 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC can reach an impressive average top speed of 150 mph. As an owner of a Ferrari 330 GTC, this is likely something you already know. Just be sure to share these fun facts with potential buyers so they can have a better appreciation for the car.


1966 Ferrari 330 GTC Seller’s Guide

At the time, the Ferrari factory was very different from American manufacturers’ production lines. Each example was worked on for a great number of hours by Ferrari technicians before exiting the factory, making each car special and different. When leaving the factory, the 1066 Ferrari 330 GTC was originally fitted with Pirelli Cinturato 205VR15 tires (CN72) but today’s models have been restored and maintained in different ways. Even in the 1960’s, Ferrari vehicles could be ordered with special options and various color combinations. Today, these additional factory options can often increase the value of the classic. If you’re unsure of the additional options your car offers, the Alex Manos team can help you with your research.



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If you’re interested in selling a 1966 Ferrari GTC of your personal collection, don’t hesitate to call the Alex Manos team. Not only do they have unmatched expertise on all classic Ferraris, but they also buy and sell classics continuously, which makes them a good place to start when looking to sell. Call now to inquire about the current value of your Ferrari 330 GTC and, should the model fit into their collection, the experts will make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Learn more by connecting with their team today!


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