Buying or Selling a 1969 Ferrari GTC?


1969 Ferrari GTC
1969 Ferrari GTC

Between 1969 and 1970, Ferrari made exactly 168 units of the 365 GTC, which makes its one of the rarest classics under the Ferrari name. This large and spacious sports car was designed for comfort, which is quite obvious when you look inside. Styled after the racing model 275 GTB (Berlinetta), the 1969 Ferrari GTC is a Grand Turismo Coupe that combines beauty and performance. This 2-door coupe was powered by a 4.4L Colombo SOHC V-12 engine, which could deliver a maximum power of 320 hp at 7,000 rpm, and was linked to a five-speed manual rear transaxle transmission system. 0 to 60 mph acceleration could be achieved in 7 seconds and the top speed was 150 mph. Other features include three Weber two-barrel downdraft carburetors, four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. The car has a curb weight of 2,910 lbs and a wheelbase of 104 inches. If you’re thinking about selling your 1969 Ferrari GTC, these are just a few of the many features that potential buyers would be interested in learning about.


1969 Ferrari GTC Seller’s Guide

A 1969 Ferrari GTC is quite popular among classic car collectors and Ferrari enthusiasts alike. When selling your classic, however, it is important to have documentation that can help show the value in your particular example. The first thing you can do is collect all the paperwork and documents you have on the car, such as the certificate of authenticity, repairs and maintenance history and anything related to the car. Those documents can add to the value of the classic and will be of interest to potential buyers. Additionally, when you have a serious potential buyer, be sure to allow a third-party inspection. This can not only give buyers the confidence they need to move forward with the sale, but can also help show the value of your car based on its overall condition, rarity and authenticity. While many collectors will be looking for an example in good condition, there are certainly buyers out there looking for those in need of restoration.



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