Buying or Selling a 1974 Ferrari 308 GT4?


1974 Ferrari 308 GT4
1974 Ferrari 308 GT4

First marketed as a Dino, the Ferrari 308 GT4 was a groundbreaking model, as the first production car to feature the V8 engine, and also the first model to be designed by Bertone after a long line of curvy Pininfarina collaborations. Models pre-1976 were badged with the Dino brand, although some owners added Ferrari logos along the way, most collectors decided to go back and be as close to the original as possible. The car is said to be very comfortable, even for tall drivers. On the roads, it calls for fast shifting and more speed, which requires focus and concentration. Once you figure out the gated shifter and the car’s balance, it becomes natural and the sound of the motor will take you away. Pair this information with the specific features of your model and you’ll have a good base for when you decide to sell your 1974 Ferrari 308 GT4.


1974 Ferrari 308 GT4 Seller’s Guide

Interestingly, Enzo Ferrari took a major role in the design of the 308 GT4, which was penned by Bertone instead of Pininfarina who designed most classic Ferraris of the era. Enzo had his team create a mockup he could sit in to test the different steering and pedal placement options, as well as the driver seating position. From the cockpit, the driver would only see the road with a perfect 360-degree visibility and no blind spots. That’s only some of the great stories about the 1974 Ferrari 308 GT4 that you can share with potential buyers, in order to raise their interest and make them want your example even more. In addition to more tips and advice on how to sell your classic Ferrari, the Alex Manos team is always looking to buy classics of all makes, models and conditions and would love to learn more about your example of 1974 Ferrari 308 GT4.



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