Buying or Selling a 1975 Ferrari 365 BB?


1975 Ferrari 365 BB
1975 Ferrari 365 BB

The Ferrari 365 BB, or Berlinetta Boxer, was the first standard-sized mid-engined Ferrari – not counting the small Dino that was made by Ferrari but wasn’t considered a “real Ferrari” at the time. It is said that Enzo Ferrari needed a lot of persuasion from his engineers before committing to this model, because he was afraid a mid-mounted engine wouldn’t be an efficient layout. The BB ended up being a very successful vehicle, capable of a top speed of 186 mph, and went on to become the fastest car of its generation. The 1975 Ferrari 365 BB uses a powertrain consisting of a 360 hp, 4.4L SOHC V12 engine and a five-speed manual transmission system. Interestingly, no Berlinetta Boxer was directly sold to the USA and Canada as Enzo Ferrari thought the environmental and safety regulations were too stringent. However, quite a few of them have found their way into North America through third party conversions. If you’re interested in selling a Ferrari 365 BB classic, you’ve come to the right place.


1975 Ferrari 365 BB Seller’s Guide

Before putting up your 1975 Ferrari 365 BB for sale, be sure you fully understand the value of your classic in today’s market. To do this, gather all important documentation regarding history of ownership, maintenance and repair, and restoration, and then contact the Alex Manos team. The experts have all the tools and resources to provide you with great tips and advice, and can evaluate your classic on the spot using their years of experience and knowledge. In fact, they are always available for consultation and have helped countless classic car owners with the purchase and sale of their cars. From those in need of complete restoration to pristine examples ready for the next classic car show, they can help you find a new home for your cherished classic. What’s more – they are always looking to buy classics of all makes, models and conditions, and – should your example fit into their inventory – will make you a top dollar offer on the spot!



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