Buying or Selling a 1976 Ferrari 365 GT4?


1976 Ferrari 365 GT4
1976 Ferrari 365 GT4

If you’re thinking about selling a 1976 Ferrari 365 GT4, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the Ferrari brand, its appeal in today’s classic car market, and the seller’s tips you need to be successful. The Ferrari 365 GT4 is very recognizable with its three big rear lights. Many options were made available to customize this model and some owners replaced the lights by those mounted on the Ferrari 400. Traditional Borrani wheels were also made available as an option but can be quite rare. The original 5-spoke Rudge wheels mounted on Michelin tires were more in line with the modern design of the Ferrari 365 GT4. One of the main selling points of the 365 GT4 was its spacious and comfortable interior, making it a very luxurious family Grand Tourer, perfect for long distance trips. For the Ferrari 365 GT4, the engine was fitted in the front, for design purposes and to enjoy the melody of the singing engine. These are just a few of the many interesting points that potential buyers may be interested in learning about your classic.


1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 Seller’s Guide

Many believe that the melodious engine of the 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 gets better with age. Although less powerful than the Daytona, the V12 engine is very similar and produces a generous 340 hp at 6,800 hp. Charming and powerful, the 1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 is a rare and interesting classic Ferrari. If you’re thinking about selling your example, one of the best seller’s tips the Alex Manos team can offer is for your to ensure you’ve gathered as much documentation as you can regarding the car’s history of ownership, maintenance and repair, and any restoration that has been done. Not only can this help show the value of your classic, it can also give potential buyers the insights they need to make a knowledgeable and informed buying decision. It goes without saying that you should also look into taking recent photos of your classic – whether it’s an unfinished restoration project or a pristine example. For more important seller’s tips, be sure to connect with Alex and his team.



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