Buying or Selling a 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4?


1979 Ferrari 308 GT4
1979 Ferrari 308 GT4

The last year of production for the Ferrari 308 GT4, many enthusiasts and collectors are in search of this particular model for their collections. Very different from the long line of Pininfarina-designed models it replaced, the 308 GT4 features angular lines and a very edgy body, in opposition to its curvy predecessors. When it was first released, the car was not considered a hit, but the design aged well and the model enjoys a growing popularity today. Bertone did a great job in designing the inside, making this four-seat sports car rather roomy by Ferrari standards. Working close with Enzo Ferrari, the driver’s position was well studied, in terms of seat and commands positioning. Even for tall drivers, the car is a really a pleasure to drive. These are just some of the perks to Ferrari ownership that you’ll want to express to interested parties.


1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 Seller’s Guide

Enzo Ferrari had a major role in the design of the Ferrari 308 GT4, which he trusted Bertone with, instead of Pininfarina who was responsible for most of the gorgeous classic Ferraris of the era. As a result, the 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 had a real trunk, a back seat for soft luggage, and an upright and comfortable seating position –which Enzo set himself using a mockup car. In order to get the right value out of your 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4, here are a few tips you can use. Always be sure to display as much information as possible on the model, as well as special information concerning your example. This includes any information on maintenance, repair and ownership history, which can not only help buyers see the value in your car, but will also help them move forward with their decision. Buyers are looking for models of all conditions, so do not hesitate to advertise your classic no matter what its condition.



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