Buying or Selling a 1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi?


1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi
1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi

The first year of the 1980’s decade brought the first Ferrari 308 GTBi model. The 1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi is a 2-door coupe in all points similar to the Ferrari 308 GTB model from the previous year, except for the fact that it featured a fuel-injection system instead of the previous Weber carburetors. As a result, the engine of the 1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi only raised between 205 and 215 hp, but the top speed of this model was still decent at 149 mph. The injection system also brought smoothness in addition to of course being in compliance with the green emissions requirements that were happening in the United States during the time. Cabin updates were concurrently adopted, including revised bucket seats with improved bolstering, and additional controls that were ergonomically upgraded. The clock and oil-temperature gauge moved from just above the driver’s left knee to the center console and the steering wheel changed.


1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi Seller’s Guide

Thanks to their expertise and experience in the classic car industry, the Alex Manos team is qualified to provide you with great tips on how to sell your 1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi. For example, the team has experienced that buyers, in many cases, need to feel trust towards the seller and a special connection to the vehicle. This can be created with honesty and the way you present your example. With first impressions often being made with pictures, it is recommended to take the time to make professional shots of your classic. In addition, present the potential buyers with a complete and detailed list of your vehicle’s features, backed up with documents. Don’t hesitate to question Alex Manos and his team for more seller’s tips, facts and specifics about the model, or if you’re in need of qualified Ferrari technicians for a pre-purchase inspection.



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