Buying or Selling a 1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi?


1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi
1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi

The production of the Ferrari 308 GTB started in 1976 and the first generation continued until 1980. Regulations in the United States on emissions were getting stricter, and Ferrari had to make changes to their successful engine in order to stay on the market. The solution proposed by the engineer’s team was to replace the Weber carburetors with a Bosch fuel-injection system. This technology made the engine somewhat smoother and turned out to be adopted by many classic cars of that era, although a subsequent loss of power made the model less attractive to most buyers at the time. In order to recover some of the lost power, Ferrari came up with a third generation named QV, using four valves (quattrovalvole). The design of the 308 GTB is one of its most appreciated features, which was signed by Pininfarina’s pen.


1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi Seller’s Guide

One issue that came up with the switch from carburetors to fuel injection was with the oil consumption. Be sure to inform the potentials buyers about it, either simply to let them know you’re well-informed about your classic and the best way to keep it in great shape, or inform them of possible repair needs in the future. It is also recommended to present the prospects with a detailed folder of all the documentation available on the classic, in order for them to make an informed decision. Finally, another piece of advice the Alex Manos team will give you is to take the classic to your trusted Ferrari technician before buyers see the car, which will give you the opportunity to fix any little issues that may stall the deal.



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