Buying or Selling a 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS?


1985 Ferrari 308 GTS
1985 Ferrari 308 GTS

1985 was the last year of production for the Ferrari 308 GTS, and was the third generation released for the model. The first generation boasted a 3 liter V8 with Weber carburetors, which was then replaced by a fuel-injection system to comply with US emission regulations. The last generation was equipped with four valves, hence the quattrovalvole (or QV) name, which was a new design used by Ferrari engineers to recover the lost horsepower from the first switch to fuel injection. The last model of Ferrari 308 GTS was the most developed in terms of design and technology and is probably the most attractive nowadays. The transmission is smooth and the body well balanced, for more driving enjoyment especially on windy roads. The drop-top is always a great option for sunny days.


1985 Ferrari 308 GTS Seller’s Guide

Often said to be one of the best classic Ferrari to own, thanks to its ease of use and maintenance, the 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS is a well designed, beautiful and enjoyable convertible. The last generation is much sought after by Ferrari lovers and collectors. If you’re thinking about selling your classic however, rest assured knowing that there are individuals looking for Ferrari classics in all conditions. When you’re ready to sell your Ferrari 308 GTS, take the time to gather all the pertinent information you have, including records of ownership history, as well as restoration, maintenance and repair documents if available. This information will give potential buyers great insight into how your Ferrari was treated over the years, and can also help them move forward with the transaction. The Alex Manos team knows it might be difficult to separate from a classic, especially when you had an emotional bond with it. Therefore, they’ll do their best job to make your sale as easy and smooth as possible.



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