Buying or Selling a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa?


1988 Ferrari Testarossa
1988 Ferrari Testarossa

The classic Ferrari Testarossa was first produced in 1984 and was designed to replace the outgoing Ferrari BB 512i Berlinetta Boxer. The Ferrari Testarossa was bigger and more spacious, but shared the same stunning and exotic design of its predecessor. What set it apart was the presence of side strakes running from the door to the rear fender on each side, which many believe gave the Testarossa a sportier and more sophisticated look. The 1988 Ferrari Testarossa differs from the earlier versions in that it has redesigned suspension. Also, the single bolt knockoff wheels introduced with the 1985 model were discarded in favor of the original standard five-bolt pattern in 1988. A 4.9L Colombo V12 engine, which was capable of developing 390 hp at 6,300 rpm, powered the 1988 Ferrari Testarossa, could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 mph. These are just a few of the many characteristics that should be shared with buyers who may be interested in your classic but that have little idea of the history of the Ferrari Testarossa brand.


1988 Ferrari Testarossa Seller’s Guide

The classic Ferrari Testarossa is one of the few supercars from the 1980s that managed to make an indelible mark in the pop culture of the decade. Although not the fastest car of its time, it constantly hogged the limelight because of its exotic and elegant exterior and the seamless driving experience it offered. No wonder the car was featured in auto magazines, arcade games and TV shows (most notably in “Miami Vice”). With so much to love, it is easy to understand if it is difficult for you to let go of your classic Ferrari. As such, the Alex Manos team is always working to ensure that their clients have the most stress free and successful transactions. Their team is always interested in purchasing classics of all makes, models and conditions, and would be delighted to learn more about your particular example.



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The classic car market is a special market where buyers can be highly knowledgeable and selective. This can make selling your 1988 Ferrari Testarossa, or any other classic car for that matter, quite stressful. But you can make it quick and easy by contacting the specialists at the Alex Manos classic car dealership. They will evaluate your car and offer you the top value for it on the spot. Connect with their team today to learn more.


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