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Ferrari 250 GT
Ferrari 250 GT

Both on regular roads and tracks, the Ferrari 250 GT was a very successful line of models. Most Ferrari 250s were fitted with a Colombo Tipo 125 V12 that was spectacular in terms of lightness and performance, and that propelled the small car to many victories on the track. From the 250 GT Europa, to the 250 GT Boano and Ellena, to the Tour de France model, to the convertible SWB, the list of GTs is long and ends in 1964 with the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. Every model was quite special with its own design particularities outside and inside, while always being very elegant. Most of the models were made in very small numbers and can be quite valuable nowadays.


Ferrari 250 GT Seller’s Guide

The engine of the Ferrari 250 GT was appreciated for its exceptionally lightweight construction, especially compared to its chief competitors -it was literally hundreds of pounds lighter. Ferrari built 13 different sub models of the 250 GT series. These models were designed in a various number of states in racing or road trim. No matter what model of Ferrari 250 GT you own, the Alex Manos team knows you’ll find many interested potential buyers. A good way to attract serious buyers is to take professional pictures of your example. Take detailed shots of the inside, and three-quarter shots of the outside, with a nice and clean background environment, paying close attention to lighting. Feel free to contact the Alex Manos team to get their top dollar offer for your classic as well. Throughout the years, the friendly team has acquired a very good reputation for fair and honest classic car deals and they will strive to provide you with impeccable service for an easy transaction.



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