Selling A Ferrari 275 GTS


Ferrari 275 GTS
Ferrari 275 GTS

The 275 GTS, “S” for Spyder, was the first model of Convertible following the disruption of the Series II Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet production in 1962. Launched in 1964 alongside a Coupe model called GTB, the design of the Ferrari 275 GTS was quite different and offered a new styling approach, with very distinctive bodywork and elegant lines. Greatly engineered, the Ferrari 275 GT models were the first Ferraris on the road to be fitted with all-round independent suspension, compared to the rear live axle used on the Ferrari 250 GT models. Also introduced with the Ferrari 275 was a new rear-mounted five-speed transaxle, providing extra comfort and adding finesse to the driving experience. A 3.3-Liter SOHC V12 engine powered the stylish Spyder, generating a decent 260hp. Although the Coupe produced 20 additional horsepower, the better low-end torque made the GTS quite enjoyable to drive.


Ferrari 275 GTS Seller’s Guide

Only 200 examples of the Ferrari 275 GTS were built during its 2-year production run. Although not a low number in Ferrari production standards, the Ferrari 275 GTS is a very desirable classic nowadays. Ferrari produced a special version called the 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder, in which the main difference from the standard Ferrari 275 GTS was that the 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder came with the coachwork of the 275 GTB/4 Coupe and the four-cam motor. With very few examples made, the NART Spyders are very rare classics and are highly prized at auction and Concours events. Of course, as an owner, this is something that you already know.



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Whether you own a limited edition or a base model, your Ferrari 275 will easily find a new owner. Thanks to its beautifully made 3-Weber carburetor engine and heart-wrenching V12 noise, the Ferrari 275 is quite exceptional. The precise and smooth 5-speed shifter connected to the rear-mounted transaxle offers fantastic steering for an overall amazing driving experience. Should you be interested in selling an example of a Ferrari 275 GTS, don’t hesitate to contact Alex Manos and his team. Should your example fit into their inventory of European and American classics, they’ll happily make you a top dollar offer on the spot. Connect with their team today to discuss your particular offer and its value in today’s classic Ferrari market. They look forward to hearing from you soon!


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