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Ferrari 308 GT4
Ferrari 308 GT4

The Ferrari 308 GT4 was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in November 1973 and was the first production Ferrari to Feature Bertone bodywork rather than Pininfarina. Following Enzo’s decision to separate the Ferrari brand from all non V12 models, the 308 GT4 was first named Dino, until 1976 when the company chose to use Ferrari for all its models in order to boost sales. The clientele turned out to be shy on spending large amounts on a vehicle without the prestige of the Ferrari name. Two series of the GT4 were made: the earlier cars featured a twin distributor engine and fog lamps mounted on the front valance, while later models had a single distributor engine, with fog lamps mounted behind the front grille. Succeeding to the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, the Ferrari 308 GT4 was very different in terms of design, showing angular lines compared to the curvaceous body of the 246. The style of the 308 was sometimes compared to those of the Lancia Stratos or the Lamborghini Urraco and, although not that popular at the time, those models aged well and are sought after by many collectors.


Ferrari 308 GT4 Seller’s Guide

Interestingly, in 1975 the Ferrari 308 GT4 was the only Ferrari model to be legally imported to the US. Some of the models now available as classics are examples that were made for the European market, however. No matter the condition and options of your Ferrari 308 GT4, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to hear all about it. Backed by years of experience in the classic car market, classic Ferraris have no secrets for the experts of the Alex Manos team. Not only are they knowledgeable about the different variants of the Ferrari 308 GT4, but they are also aware of the market availabilities and current value of different models. Be sure to have all the documentation available for viewing by potential buyers, such as certificate of authenticity, maintenance reports, restoration reports, as well as a list of any special features and previous owners. This is only one of the tips the team would be happy to share with you.



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