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Ferrari 308
Ferrari 308

The Ferrari 308 was first launched in 1975, and was acclaimed for its powerful and efficient V8, used by Ferrari for the first time on a road car. The first few hundred of examples to come off the production line were made of fiberglass, later replaced by a more affordable and easier steel construction. Fiberglass had the advantage of being light and, as Ferrari was unsure about the future popularity of the model on the road, they decided to start off with a fabrication suitable to racing. The model was a big hit however, and both fiberglass and steel models were quite popular. The first models of Ferrari 308 were carbureted, until 1980, when emission regulations forced Ferrari to replace the Weber carburetors with Bosch fuel injection. This operation cost the Ferrari 308 approximately 40 hp. Luckily for speed and power seekers, most horsepower were restored just 2 years later with the 4-valve (quattrovalvole) models. The Ferrari 328 replaced the Ferrari 308 in 1985, which presented a very similar design and featured a slightly more powerful engine.


Ferrari 308 Seller’s Guide

Ferrari 308 models are highly sought after by car enthusiasts and collectors for their role as an iconic model of the mid 1970s to mid-1980s. Be sure to gather all documentation concerning the authenticity and history of your classic to present to potential buyers when you’re ready to sell. Prospects will also be interested in knowing about previous owners and their driving habits, as well as maintenance and restoration operations conducted on the example. Extra information is always a plus and can result in a better value for your Ferrari 308. These are just a few of the numerous seller’s tips that the Alex Manos team recommends to all owners of classic cars looking to sell their example. In addition to providing advice to their clients and friends, the classic Ferrari experts of the Alex Manos team are always on the lookout for good examples of classic cars to add to their collection, whether they are in mint-condition or barn finds.



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