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Ferrari 330 GTS
Ferrari 330 GTS

The Ferrari 330 GTS (standing for “Gran Turismo Spider”) followed the Ferrari GTC (Coupe model) at the Paris Motor Show introduction in 1966. Roughly 600 Coupes and 100 Spiders were built before the production ended in 1968, with the Ferrari 365 GTC and GTS replacements featuring an upgraded 4.4-Liter engine. The Ferrari 330 GTS was intended to be a performance car as well as a refined Grand Tourer. The previous Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 was a very luxurious model, but also bigger and less sporty. Therefore, Ferrari decided to tweak the design and mechanics to create an agile and powerful, yet comfortable vehicle. Both GTC and GTS were easier and quieter vehicles than the previous models.


Ferrari 330 GTS Seller’s Guide

The same 4.0-Liter V12 engine used for the Ferrari 400 Superamerica was to be fitted on the Ferrari 330 GTS. The car produced flexible power across a wide range thanks to the precise and smooth five-speed gearbox. A torque tube joined the engine and rear transaxle to reduce the vibration for the first time on a Ferrari road car. A Dunlop dual circuit braking system with all around discs, as well as new Koni adjustable shock absorbers, were mounted on the Ferrari 330 GTS. The result of those updates was very positive and the car was noticeably more comfortable on long distance trips. The clean and subtle Pininfarina design was very popular among Ferrari fans. The Ferrari GTS was also based on a longer wheelbase than the first 330 America and featured a refined tail, as well as a longer nose decorated by a beautiful wide grille, and quad lights. The body was assembled in Turin and then delivered fully trimmed to the Ferrari factory where the mechanical components were being fitted. These are just a few of the fun facts about the Ferrari 330 GTS that should be shared with potential buyers when selling your model.



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