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Ferrari 365 GTS
Ferrari 365 GTS

Ferrari launched the Ferrari 365 GTS in the latter half of 1968 after the production of the successful Ferrari 330 GTS, to replace the previous Convertible. The 365 GTS boasted the same 94.5-inch chassis as the Ferrari 330, as well as the Pininfarina bodywork, now adorned with two vents on the hood. The V12 engine was enlarged to a 4.4-Liter capacity over the 4-Liter of the Ferrari 330. The revised specs increased the horsepower from 300 to 320, and also improved the low-end torque of the vehicle. The Ferrari 365 GTC/4, was a further evolution of the 330 series while waiting for the new era of models from the 1970’s, and the 365 GTS and 365 GTC (Coupe version) were produced alongside. Many automobile specialists agree to say that the Ferrari 365 marks the end of the iconic classic Ferrari designs from the 1960’s, since the design of the Ferrari Daytona is so different, featuring a very modern look with crisper lines and covered headlights.


Ferrari 365 GTS Seller’s Guide

The Ferrari 365 GTS was overall a ferocious sports car with top of its class performance, while still being an enjoyable Convertible and a comfortable Grand Tourer. The car delivers a special experience, although sometimes difficult to maintain (like any other V12 Ferrari of the era). The elegant and comfortable cabin, the beautifully refined looks, the outstanding engine and the perfectly tuned exhaust are just some of the few great aspects of this classic Ferrari. These are just a few of the characteristics that have drawn collectors and enthusiasts to the classic Ferrari 365 GTS.



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Only 20 examples of the Ferrari 365 GTS were made before the Ferrari GTB/4-based Daytona Spyder replaced it in 1970. Should you be interested in getting more information on this model or any other classic Ferrari, or if you currently own a Ferrari 365 GTS and are looking to sell it, please don’t hesitate to call the Alex Manos experts today. They would be delighted to assist you and give you precise information on the current market value and availabilities. They will also make you a top dollar offer on the spot, payable in cash, should your classic fit into their growing collection of European and American classics. Connect today to learn more!


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