Buying or Selling a 1966 Lamborghini 350 GT?


1966 Lamborghini 350 GT
1966 Lamborghini 350 GT

Produced between 1964 and 1966, the Lamborghini 350 GT was the first road vehicle made by the brand. A 3.5-liter V12 engine equipped with 6 Weber carburetors powered the car, producing an output of 280 hp and the unit was mated to a five-speed ZF manual transmission. The 1966 Lamborghini 350 GT could reach 60 mph from still in less than 6.8 seconds and the top speed was recorded at 158 mph. Towards the end of the production run, 23 units were built with an enlarged 4-liter engine, when the 400 GT replacement model was in development. The design of the Lamborghini 350 GT was by Touring of Milan and the car featured rounded shapes, a simple and elegant tail and nicely rounded headlights. The 1966 Lamborghini 350 GT offered excellent handling and road holding thanks to its sophisticated suspension system and well-tuned engine.


1966 Lamborghini 350 GT Seller’s Guide

Should you be interested in selling a 1966 Lamborghini 350 GT, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to assist you. Their friendly staff is known to be very helpful in helping their clients and friends make good transactions, whether or not their Los Angeles dealership is interested in purchasing their model. Come visit the showroom soon to meet the team and have an expert evaluate your classic. Thanks to their long-time experience dealing with classic cars of all makes, models and conditions, the team has a valuable expertise of the selling process, as well as extensive knowledge of the current availabilities and values. One thing to remember when selling a classic Lamborghini, is that buyers will be picky so you want to make sure you only show the car to serious prospects to avoid wasting time.



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