Buying or Selling a 1970 Lamborghini Jarama?


1970 Lamborghini Jarama
1970 Lamborghini Jarama

Produced from 1970 to 1976, the Lamborghini Jarama replaced the aging Islero model. Bertone was hired for design and Marcello Gandini penned the body with sharp angles and elegant lines. When it was released, the model wasn’t well received but it grew to become a very special classic. Two small rear seats were fitted inside the cabin making the Jarama a more affordable option than the full four-seater Espada. The 1970 Lamborghini Jarama was powered by Lamborghini’s 4-liter V12 engine, which provided an output of 350 hp for a top speed of over 150 mph. The Lamborghini Jarama was made in three series, the first model being the Lamborghini Jarama 400 GT made in 177 units from 1970 to 1973.


1970 Lamborghini Jarama Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling a 1970 Lamborghini Jarama, Alex Manos and his team would love to speak with you. Lamborghini is a brand with an interesting history, which makes each model a very special classic to own. From the history of the brand to the bull-related names the manufacturer gives to its models, Lamborghini is one of the most fascinating carmaker, although often shadowed by the glamorous Ferrari brand. Be sure to include fun facts about the brand in your ad, to raise the interest of potential buyers. The friendly staff is always happy to share tips and advice on how to make a smart transaction. Call them anytime to ask for more! In addition, their Los Angeles classic car dealership is the home for a wide inventory of classic cars and they’re looking for new models to add to their growing inventory.



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