Buying or Selling a 1975 Lamborghini Urraco?


1975 Lamborghini Urraco
1975 Lamborghini Urraco

Introduced in 1970 and in production from 1973 to 1979, the Lamborghini Urraco was a 2+2 coupe. The model was upgraded to the P300 in 1974, boasting a stroked 3-liter V8 engine with new twin cam heads. Thanks to an increased power output of 265 hp, the new model was a successful solution to counter the limitations raised by the stricter U.S. smog regulations. The body featured gorgeous shapes and modern looks with its wide panels of glass and distinctive front grille, and was penned by Marcello Gandini at Bertone. Based on a fabricated pressed-steel chassis, the engine and transmission of the Urraco were transversally mounted and MacPherson strut were used instead of the previously fitted double-wishbone geometry.


1975 Lamborghini Urraco Seller’s Guide

The Lamborghini Urraco is a rare classic with less than 780 units made throughout the production run. Should you be thinking about selling a 1975 Lamborghini Urraco, there are a few tips that Alex Manos and his team can share with you. First of all, take the time to collect all the paperwork and documentation you have available on the car, such as certificates of authenticity, maintenance reports and anything regarding the history of ownership. Prospects will appreciate an organized folder with everything they need to know about the car. Second, take a good set of detailed and professional shots of the car, in a beautiful area to make a good first impression. Finally, give full disclosure in your ad, to attract only serious buyers and get the price you want. Those simple recommendations can make a big difference. In addition to their help, the experts are also interested in your classic for their own collection.



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