Buying or Selling a 1977 Lamborghini Countach?


1977 Lamborghini Countach
1977 Lamborghini Countach

From its debut in 1974 until 1984, the first generation of Lamborghini Countach was the fastest Lamborghini model. 1977 was the last year of production for the first generation, known as the LP 400. The car was fitted with a longitudinally mounted 4-liter V12 engine that was linked to a 5-speed gearbox located ahead of the engine unit for better weight distribution. Thanks to its striking design and amazing performance, the model was well received by the public. Featuring perfected aerodynamics that enhanced the handling abilities of the vehicle and 375 horsepower, the Countach was an enjoyable driver’s car. Bertone designed the model with angular and sharp lines and the famous scissor doors that became Lamborghini’s trademark for many models to come.


1977 Lamborghini Countach Seller’s Guide

Selling a 1977 Lamborghini Countach can be a hassle. The Alex Manos team can make your experience easy and stress free by making a top dollar offer on the spot, payable in cash and take care of transportation. Known for their top service, they’ll go the extra mile to help you get the price you want for your 1977 Lamborghini Countach. Thanks to their long-time experience in the classic car industry, the team knows about the model’s value and the current market situation. They’ll give you great tips and advice on how to make a smart transaction. For one, the team will recommend that you gather all the documentation available on the classic in a folder for easy viewing. Buyers will appreciate and value a well-documented model. Don’t hesitate to phone the team today for extra tips or simply to exchanges stories and anecdotes about classic Lamborghinis.



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