Buying or Selling a 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette?


1978 Lamborghini Silhouette
1978 Lamborghini Silhouette

Introduced in 1976 at the Geneva Auto Show, the Lamborghini Silhouette model was sold until 1979 when the Lamborghini Jalpa replaced it. The Silhouette was based on the Urraco model and was a more affordable and usable vehicle that was intended to boost flagging sales. Bertone restyled the Silhouette, fitting the model with a removable targa top, a squared-off nose, flattop wheel arches and a deeper front spoiler incorporating front-brake air scoops and an oil-cooler duct. Inside, the 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette featured a more ergonomic dashboard and the removable top could be easily stored behind the seats. The quad-cam V8 engine had a capacity of 3 liters and a power output of 265 hp in both American and European forms. The Lamborghini Silhouette was a fun and enjoyable sports car, thanks to a well-designed suspension system and the convertible top.


1978 Lamborghini Silhouette Seller’s Guide

If you’re looking to sell a 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette, you probably already know a lot about the model. As only 53 models were built and sold—very few of those came to the US, the Lamborghini Silhouette is a rare classic. When you create an ad for your Silhouette, be sure to include as many details about the model and its history, in addition to the special features of your model. Buyers will ask to check the maintenance records thoroughly to ensure that all the servicing was done by a qualified mechanic and that no issue was left neglected, so be sure to have the documents ready. In addition to their tips and advice, the Alex Manos team has a wide inventory of classics for sale and their collection is constantly growing. Call the team today to find out if your 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette is of interest at their Los Angeles showroom.



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